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Optimization Tricks of Webpages for Search Engines
Mar 20, 2008 by abacin · Replies: 16 · Views: 2606 · Articles Mode

Abacin Admin

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Optimizing your web pages is an important step in your Internet marketing campaign. It helps your site rank higher in search engine results page and gain more traffic.

On-page search engine optimization includes:

Include meta tags
Finding search term in title, description and keywords is the most important rule to rank web pages besides money. It is required for an efficient search. Therefore, it is crucial to write a title, a short description and keywords for all webpages to be submitted.

Page title is seen in bigger font in search engine result page and it is crucial to put your most important keywords in title tag. You should put meaningful sentences there, not only a bunch of keywords. Keep in mind that if a visitor is not convinced of your title, he'll click on your competitor's link. So spend some time on creating good titles for your pages.

Meta description and keyword tags should be different on all pages. Repeating the same meta keyword tags is called keyword stuffing and is treated as search engine spam. It could harm your rankings.

Highlight important keywords
Crawlers always think that words in hyperlink or in heading tags are important. Try to include those important keyword in hyperlinks, or embold them by heading tags, not bold tags. When you put your keywords in the anchor text link and link them to another page in your site, you increase the number of inbound links and thus boost link popularity.

Increase keyword density
In many cases, search engines treat those web pages with keyphrase found often on the page as important. They seem to tolerate and even like very high keyword densities. You should work the first instance of the keyword somewhere very near to the beginning of the page and make it appear once or twice fairly close to this first keyword, scattering the rest across the page.

Avoid frames and flashes
Since most crawlers index pages by following links in the start page or the followed pages. A frame or flash page cannot provide any useful hyperlinks for the crawler to continue to spider next pages. A lot of your webpages cannot be spidered in the end.

Add texts for each page
Crawlers normally index texts on each page to meet search terms. They look at web pages with text only. All images, videos, or other forms of dynamic media are ignored. You'd better write descriptive text for these items to improve the accessibility of your site. For example, add texts to ALT attribute in the IMG tag for images and include descriptive text in HTML for videos.

No second level folders
A lot of crawler-type search engines don't go deeper than the first-level folders when they index webpages. The domain name is the ground level. All your site's most important content-related pages should be included within the first level folders. Use the second level folders for content-irrelevant stuffs such as images. If you have a lot of webpages, use the subdomain to avoid second level folders.

No dynamic URL
Dynamic URLs are always used by database driven sites, or sites running scripts. Most search engines don't list any dynamic URLs. If your site's URL contains any of these symbols: ?, &, %, +, =, $, cgi-bin, .cgi, it is considered as a dynamic URL. Time to change a URL.

Optimization of your webpages for search engines is essential as it improves your ranking and get more traffic to your site. However, do not do anything to spam search engines. This may bring you some artificial web traffic, but it cannot bring you true visitors. And if you are penalized by the search engine, the cost can be way too high.

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Emily ANN

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Emily ANN

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jack lee

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