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Arca: the survival Evolved '(ALL) Early Access update adds new Dino, armor, weapons and more - Trai
Feb 05, 2016 by yourfifa11 · Replies: 0 · Views: 361


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Today's update also includes a number of buy shaiya gold features and enhancements, including:
New Armor: Style Battle SWAT landing
New weapon: gun amazing prod
The new structures Coin Operated Game: Greenhouse / glass with a wide and plants
Better save / load: save and save loading times improved game
Nameplates: Wildcard Wildcard team manager no manager-Team, and authorized external tester Master Dev Kit: new special custom fur hat badges were added. Get yours came by the crew, apply here! (The user must be logged in to take over.)
Tame and ride one of the best 70-dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, including the giant creatures on a scale never before seen in video games! Pterodactyl flying a squadron of snowy mountains, run through the deep jungle with your Raptors Tromp package formed by a fortified enemy base over a large convoy Brontosaurus, or chasing prey on the back of a T-Rex Rage. Players quickly learn that dinosaurs are not the only dangerous creatures of the island. Other players rebellious tribes organize the resources, experience, re-spawn points, and build towns and cities to expand with technology early age to the expansion of modern electric drive and beyond gather Stone. And they will fight, they destroy everything a threat.
Arca: the survival Evolved support Oculus Rift VR / Morpheus and the full integration of the functions of the community, such as water vapor and steam economy Steam Workshop custom maps and mods included. Players will also be able [URL=]Aion Kinah[/URL] Private Server / LAN and access to a customized version of the Unreal Editor to create mods to accommodate 4. The world must align ARCA players and counting!

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