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Enjoy HD Videos with MKV
Feb 16, 2016 by sunnydaytime · Replies: 0 · Views: 406


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If you like high definition video but instead you only have some video not clear as you want and part of them is mp4 format. What do we need to do to solve this problem?

One way is converting them to high - definition video files like MKV files.And we just need best free video converter to convert MP4 to HD MKV file, and then we can get the high definition videos we want very quickly.

How to Convert MP4 to MKV

Step 1 Import Source Video File
Download and launch this mkv video converters, click “Add File”/”Add Video” to import source video files.

Before conversion, you need to go to “Option” >> “HD Settings” by Hammer icon, and then tick the option “SD to HD” and “Picture Enhancement”.

Step 2 Choose Output Format and Modify Output Settings
Choose “Output Format” as HD MKV, or other video formats, such as WMV HD, AVI HD Video and HD MP4.

Step 3 Start Converting SD Video to HD Video Click “Run” to start converting your SD videos to HD in batch.

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